Resource Roundup #2 – The Five Best Steeking Tutorials

The Five Best Steeking Tutorials -

Yesterday I posted a pattern for Swallow Tail, a stranded sweater that includes a steek at the back of the neck. There are plenty of tutorials out there to help with steeks, but if you’ve never steeked something before it can be very nerve wracking knowing that you’re going to cut into your knitting and having confidence in the tutorial you are using is important. Here is a list of the tutorials I have found to be the most concise, helpful, and well written for giving your knits the snip.

1. Three Types of Steeks with Eunny Jang

Steeking Tutorial -


This video is by far the most consise one I found on youtube, but has all three methods of steeking that I know of. There is a little bit of an intro, but if you use these time markers you can get to the meat of what you need to know: The explanation of steeking comes at 1:15, Unsecured Steeks are discussed at 4:30, Crocheted steeks are at 5:55, and Machine steeking is discussed (briefly) at 8:50.

2. For Dummies How to Make Steeks

For Dummies steeking tutorial -

This tutorial is short, sweet, and to the point, with clear technical illustrations. Perfect!

3. Kate Davies Reinforcing & Cutting Steeks

Kate Davies Design Steeking Tutorial -

Kate Davies has the nicest sweater patterns, and also the nicest photo tutorial for crochet reinforcement and cutting of steeks.

4. Elinor Brown Knits Steeking Tutorial

Elinor Brown Knits steeking tutorial -

Elinor Brown has the most thorough tutorial, with lots of great pictures for both crocheted and machine stitched steek reinforcements.

5. See Eunny Knit Steeking Chronicles

See Eunny Knit Steeking Tutorial -

Eunny Chang not only has the best YouTube video, but also the best in depth explanation of steeks. She has a whole series of blog posts about the whats, whys, and hows of steeking. If you really want to get into it, maybe are looking to design with steeks, this is definitely the resource you want.

Hopefully these resources will help you feel more confident about taking the scissors to your hard work. It is really quite a fun process, I promise you!

Next week I will be posting my own tutorial here, how exciting :)



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