#53 & #54 – Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes- free knit and crochet patriotic(ish) baby sweater patterns by Stephanie Mason

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Happy Independence day, everyone (who lives in the US)! I have for you on this finest of patriotic American Holidays free patriotic (ish) baby sweater patterns. Yaaaay.


When I first started this project, I knew I was gonna do a lot of holiday themed freebies and I knew pretty early on that I was going to make some sweaters looking like this. In other words, these babies have been a long time coming. I wanted to create something that was suggestive of the American flag without being overly tacky. HenceĀ  two separate sweaters that when paired are an Americana powerhouse, but can each stand on their own as stylish summer sweaters that are more versatile than might be a single, novelty looking situation.


The first up is Stars: A top down seamless knit sweater with stranded color work stars. This sweater is on the medium advanced side due to the slightly more complicated shaping/fanangling that inherently comes with seamless sweaters, as well as the wrapping that is required in the back o the work due to longer color floats.


And then we have stripes. This sweater is more easy/advanced beginner level. It’s made with trusty old half double crochet and worked flat with simple shaping. The only thing that takes it out of total beginner territory (in my opinion) is that you have to know how to seam raglan sweaters, which can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. But it’s not that hard, and both google and I have answers for you should you get stuck.





Both sweaters were made with Hikoo CoBaSi yarn, which is a cotton, bamboo, and silk blend that is machine washable, slightly elastic, and just awesome for summery baby stuff. It’s not too thick, even when crocheted, and is super comfortable when made up. It comes in lots of lovely bright colors too, I really like it.

Now just imagine if you get two babies together, each wearing one of these sweaters. Imagine the cute photos! So great. All of my little nieces/nephews and cousins that just recently got born are either too small or too big to wear the models I made, but that may or may not stop me from forcing their parents to allow me to put these sacks on their babies for my own nefarious cute-photo-op purposes.


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