#29 – Geometric

Geometric baby sweater knitting pattern.

I want to knit this!

I am totally in love with these triangles. They are so darn cute. I’ve been wanting to do a geometric baby sweater pattern for awhile now, and my original intention was to make this sweater a crochet pattern. But I just wasn’t digging how it was coming out in crochet. The triangles looked wonky when done in half double, but in single tapestry crochet the thing would have stood up on it’s own. I decided to leave well enough alone and switch to knitting for this one, and I’m glad I did. Crochet has it’s strengths, and colorwork just ain’t really one of them.

Craft aside, could you ask for a more perfect little hipster sweater? I might die, it’s so adorable.

Geometric baby sweater


This is the first drop shoulder sweater pattern I’ve done so far! I’ve been avoiding drop shoulders because I think there are too many drop shoulder baby sweaters in existence already, and I think they’re generally kind of a cop out for lazy design. But with this pattern I knew from the beginning I was going to do drop shoulder, because there are some designs where it just looks better than a raglan or set in sleeve would. This is one of those designs.

hipster baby sweater

Although the drop shoulder makes this sweater easier to knit as far as the sleeves go, it’s actually the sweater that requires the most advanced knitting skills overall. The neckline is shaped with short rows, and you have to do that while still maintaining some colorwork. It’s definitely not for someone who isn’t confident about stranded knitting. There’s also quite a bit of back and forth stranded knitting at the top of the body, again, a little more on the advanced side.

I also don’t recommend you make those big floats like I did. It worked out okay for the body, but it definitely made the sleeves on my model just bad. Plus, those are just a death trap for baby fingers. So don’t be like me, and be sure to catch your floats. It will be a lot more practical and your finished sweater will look better for it.



As you can see this sweater features a nice little buttoned collar like on a few of the other sweaters I’ve designed, but this one is buttoned towards the back so that the front looks more like an ordinary pullover.

triangle baby sweater

Like a few of the more recent sweaters, it’s made with Spud & Chloe’s Sweater yarn. Stranding with this cozy, machine washable wool & cotton blend makes a sweater that is certain to be super cozy in the winter and early spring time, but I wouldn’t go knitting it for summer time. It comes out to be quite thick, a sweater that when you feel it you couldn’t call it anything other than, “SNUGGLY.”


I couldn’t be happier with the colors (Beluga & Waterslide) They just are just so perfectly cheerful. (If you couldn’t tell by the website’s design, I’m a little partial to turquoisey blues.) The triangles, the blue and grey… So… Perfect. I really do love the color lines this yarn offers. They’re just the right balance between bright and subdued.

geometric fair isle pattern

Triforce baby sweater

PS: It’s seamless.



  1. This is lovely, girl! You know I’m all about patterns and this one is adorable!

  2. Anita says:

    Sorry but I would never make my floats any longer than 5 stitches. To easy to catch on fingers ,rings and such..Anita

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