#28 – Dottie (free seamless baby sweater pattern)

Free polka dot baby sweater pattern.


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I’ve been wanting to release a freebie that’s not themed in some way, so I decided to give you this free seamless baby sweater pattern. I only ask that if you like it, click one of those buttons up there and share it with a friend. And if you really like it, go ahead and join the mailing list that pops up on the download link (you don’t have to, but it would mean a lot to me if you did.) I promise I won’t send you anything annoying, you just get condensed updates of everything happening here (in case you don’t already follow the blog) and special offers that people who just read the website never even get to hear about.

With all that said, I think you’re gonna like this pattern for a few reasons. First of all, it’s totally 100% seamless, which means you don’t have to spend practically any time on finishing. The neckline and shoulders are all shaped with short rows. While you might make it out of some other color, I think the bright pop of hot pink is just what everyone needs at this time of year. Nothing like a little bit of eye-blinding neon to really brighten spirits during long, grey winters. (Of course it’s also very summery, and babies look great in pink any time of year.) Also, c’mon, polka dots! So cute. The dots are almost as easy to make as stripes, you don’t even have to carry your yarn around on the non-dot rows. You can carry the yarn up in the round so you won’t have to weave in a gajillion ends. And as long as you tension everything evenly you get a nice, tidy inside like this.

Polka dot baby sweater.

There are a few buttons on the collar so that it will fit easily over your babe’s head, this is all done without seams as well. Okay, okay so you have to make a tiny little 1/2″ whip stitch seam to tack the button band down at the neck. But that hardly counts, because that’s almost just like weaving in the yarn tail.

pink polka dots

free baby sweater

Of course, you might be wanting to knit a sweater for a boy who isn’t so into the dayglow pink idea. Well you could easily make it out of highlighter green instead. I even photoshopped you a visual of this alternative.


Though I’m partial to the original myself. You could even leave the polka dots out. Either way you have yourself a nice standard go-to pattern for seamless baby sweaters. Free! What a great deal, eh?

polka dot baby sweater knitting pattern

polka dot sweater pattern

The yarn for this pattern was provided by the every lovely Spud & Chloe, it their “Fine” Yarn and it boy is it fine. Wool and silk blend that is machine washable, I am in love with this stuff. And I swear, the colors are amazing. I expected when I chose the shade of pink I did it would be bright, and I was not disappointed. Not. At. All. And they actually do have a green that is pretty similar to that edited photo above, as well as number of much tamer yet still cheerful colors. Very nice stuff for baby sweaters.

Spud & Chloe fine

One last thing–If you make this sweater (or any of my sweaters) I want to see it! I seriously love when I get to see what other people make out of my patterns. It brightens my day every single time. So shoot me a note on Ravelry, send me an e-mail (stephanie@unpetitsquab.com), or post a link in the comments here.

Stephanie Mason


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