#27 Sidewalk Chalk (striped crochet hoodie)

Striped raglan hoodie

I want to crochet this!

It will happen. Maybe it will be while you’re chatting with friends at a play group when they notice your baby is sporting a new striped crochet hoodie. Or perhaps it will be in your stitching group as all your knitter friends see that there appears to be something very small and charming making its way off your hook. Somebody will say, “Wow, you crocheted that? But the yarn is so fine, I’m so impressed! And it’s sooo cute! You are so gifted.”  You’ll smile to yourself, feeling smug, knowing that yes. Yes, you are gifted. But you didn’t have to use many of your gifts on this baby sweater. Because this sweater only required you to put your knowledge of half double crochet to use.  A decrease here, an increase there, and this sweater was made in no time flat.

Crochet striped hoodie pattern

Striped crochet hoodie pattern

You have better things to do with your time than fuss over fiddly stitches and confusing instructions with a designer who won’t respond to your e-mails. You have a family to take care of, a job to do, meals to cook (or watch your partner cook, amiright?) and even without all that you have a lot of fiddly crocheting you’d like to get done for yourself. Of course you want to dress that sweet little baby in hand made goods, too. Practical hand made goods. Fashionable hand made goods. Hand made goods that not only keep them warm, but keep them looking sharp in all those instagram photos and FO shots on Ravelry.

Button hoodie

So you picked up the pattern Sidewalk Chalk–the most adorable little striped raglan sleeve hoodie to come to crochet. You knew that since you had a tutorial for crocheting seamless tubes handy, you wouldn’t have to fuss with a bunch of extra seams. Just a few whip stitches along the raglan edges, and a few more to finish up that rounded, well shaped hood.

Hoodie with buttons for crochet

Crochet button hoodie pattern

You knew that you wouldn’t have to worry about understanding the pattern, because I was there to respond to your e-mails and make sure you didn’t run into any trouble. You knew that if you decided it sucked, you’d get your money back. You knew that I wanted you happy–whether that meant you kept the pattern or decided it wasn’t for you. And so you felt secure in your purchase.

Sidewalk Chalk

You showed those knitters with their Button Hoodie pattern. You have a baby button hoodie of your own, now. And it has stripes. And a more interesting name.

Striped crochet hoodie

Striped button hoodie

And savvy you, you made it using Spud & Chloë Fine, a machine washable wool and silk blend. Not only are you keeping your babe warm in brightly colored, easy to care for wool. You are also basically cloaking your child in silken luxury.

Spud & Chloe fine

Can we say best mom ever? I think we can.

Stephanie Mason

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