#21 – Varsity

Varsity cardigan baby sweater pattern from 100 Baby Sweater Patterns

I want to knit this!

This varsity baby sweater  is totally one of my favorite sweater patterns to date. I was browsing around on Top Man awhile back when I spotted a really nifty looking cardigan. I often look at fashion websites for ideas/inspiration, but usually the ideas I get are just a jumping off point and the finished sweater looks quite different from the original inspiration. Examples of this: This sweater inspired Collar Pop, and sweaters like this one inspired Flower Embroidery Cardigan. You can see where the idea comes from and what features I was going for, but I try to make sure the execution ends up being it’s own thing. (ModCloth also has some Christmas sweaters that my baby Christmas Sweaters look remarkably similar to, but that one was totally an accident.) This varsity sweater I can’t really take much credit for as far as originality goes–it’s pretty darn similar looking to the cardigan I first saw. I’ll admit that up front. But the varsity cardigan is just soooo classic and cute, and I loved the idea so much, I couldn’t not turn it into a hand knit baby sweater. I don’t think you can get the man sweater anymore, but fortunately for you, you can knit up this cardigan for your little man and he will look swanky as all get out.


Varsity sweater knitting pattern for baby- from 100 Baby Sweater Patterns


The yarn for this pattern was provided, once again, by the uber awesome Cascade Yarns

Cascade Yarn

Varsity from 100 Baby Sweater Patterns

Varsity Cardigan from 100 Baby Sweater Patterns

Baby Varsity Sweater from 100 Baby Sweater Patterns



As far as specs go, this sweater is knit from the bottom up, the body is knit flat in one piece and the sleeves are also knit flat. The button band is actually knit in the round, and it’s cast on and off with sock techniques. A figure 8 cast on is needed to start it, and kitchener stitch is needed to end it. The result of this button band/collar situation is a nice double layered look that is very easy to sew on–you just pick up the strand between two stitches on the button band and stick with that row all the way around. It looks very nice. (Though,  if you’re really observant you might notice my button band is a little flare-y at the edge there… I compensated for that in the pattern, so it should be a little tighter and neater when you make it.)

Ahh, the baby varsity cardigan… I just imagine toddlers romping around with basket balls wearing mom or dad’s college colors, looking all profesh. Don’t you?

Stephanie Mason


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